• SneakersER PROTECTER - Long Lasting Superhydrophobic Sneaker Protector

SneakersER PROTECTER - Long Lasting Superhydrophobic Sneaker Protector

  • £29.95

SNEAKERS ER SUPERHYDROPHOBIC PROTECTER offers complete protection for your sneakers using innovative Nano-Technology to repels all types of liquid and dirt in a unique formula that is suitable for SUEDE, LEATHER, MESH, NUBUCK, CANVAS, GORE-TEX & MORE.

Resistant to all liquids. It forms a highly durable, long-lasting, invisible protective barrier against water, coffee, oil spillages and other accidental stains, with no alteration to the appearance or breathability of materials after application.

SNEAKERS ER SUPERHYDROPHOBIC PROTECTER provides complete defence against everyday environments. When applied encases each textile fibre with an invisible coating of silicon dioxide of nanometre level (one-millionth of a millimetre). These nano-sized structures bond to each fibre ensuring long-lasting protection.


  • Made in the UK.


  1. Ensure that sneakers are dust free and clean before use, for best results apply to new sneakers after purchase
  2. From a distance of 15cm spray evenly until surface is slightly damp (do not over saturate), for best results work the solution into the fibres with a small soft brush or lint-free cloth
  3. Repeat the process after 15 minutes while sneakers are still damp to the touch
  4. Leave to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.