• Liquid Kicks LK Top Coat Leather Sealer - Matte Finish
  • Liquid Kicks LK Top Coat Leather Sealer - Matte Finish

Liquid Kicks LK Top Coat Leather Sealer - Matte Finish

  • £13.50
LK Top Coats are the highest quality leather top coats in the industry! We designed our top coats to protect your art on a variety of surfaces such as leather, vinyl, PVC, canvas, cotton, and silk. They are extremely scratch resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, and chemical resistant. LK Top Coats give you the ability to send your custom leather, canvas, and vinyl products out into the world with confidence that they will not peel, lift, crack or fade and they will always look good.

Customer Reviews

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Danny Ho Mon Wong
Easy to use, great finish

Picked some of this up to matte out some J1 patent breds. Went on well with a spray gun and the finish looks and feels great.

I tried Krylon at first but find LK better in terms of finish (less dry / rough to the touch)

Chris Moore
Great product for zero gloss finish

Gave finish that was exactly what I wanted. I used it to cover up a matte finish that was very shiny. Customer service was excellent, after I ordered the wrong product and asked for this product instead, I received it within 4 days. Not the first time I've bought from this site and it won't be the last.

This could be my miracle cure

I purchased 2x Bleu de Chauffe leather satchel bags, one black and the other tan. The tan bag in particular is bleeding colour really badly to the point where its turning my hands orange - won't even risk using it against my clothing. I have tried saddle soap, Colonil leather gel, Colonil waterproof spray, and Colonil Waterstop to try and seal the bag. Then I watched a bunch of kids on Youtube test some top coats by painting trainers, using a top coat and the setting fire to them (!!?) and decided to try this Liquid Kicks acrylic sealant - after all nothing to lose. So far I've used 3 coats of this stuff and you can see less and less dye coming off on the brushes with every coat. The sealant soaks into the leather, doesn't flake or crack (i.e. very flexible) and the matte finish is perfect for vegetable dyed grained leather (think of a Mulberry leather bag). Definitely saved me from dumping these bags which I had almost given up on. A 4oz bottle is enough to give 2x bags 3 -4 coats each. Note to self - do not buy Bleu de Chauffe, definitely buy Liquid Kicks :)

LK matte top coat

This is by far the best top coat to use, so happy with how it turned out

Lamarr Boyer
LK Matte Top Coat

Best finisher on the market.. I've tried them all