• Lace Lab Jordan 1 Replacement Shoe Laces - (Orange)

Lace Lab Jordan 1 Replacement Shoe Laces - (Orange)

  • £4.99

Looking to buy replacement laces for your Air Jordan 1 High's, Air Force 1's, Vans, or other shoes? Our AJ1 replacement shoelaces are the perfect fit! Same length, width, & ultra soft feel as the original's. 

Recommended Lace Lengths:

AJ1 High - 72"
AJ1 Mid / AJ 4,5,6 - 63"
AJ1 Low / AJ 3- 54"

Customer Reviews

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Lovely 😍😍

Steven Armstrong
Jordan laces

Ordered 2 sets of laces for air Jordan 3 one purple mr orange. Sexy packaging fast delivery and I will purchase again. 2 points for improvement.
1, orange laces were a shade brighter than expected. You did not mislead me as you made a clear distinction between the laces I ordered and neon orange.
2, I suggest that you reassess the lace sizes as my laces wee for air Jordan 3 and I feel they were a bit too long compared to the stock laces.

Hopefully your business will flourish as you're a reliable and deliver goods expeditiously.

I wish you success victory for n chess and sons so tall and handsome the girls will be impressed.

One love to the whole opp.


Unusual colour

This is nit a bright orange nor is it cinnamon. The colour is soft and it went well with most of my shoes as it is a subtle orange that blends well. Nice quality also.