• Grex G-MAC.P - Grex Micro Air Control Valve, Paasche Set

Grex G-MAC.P - Grex Micro Air Control Valve, Paasche Set

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The G-MAC™ gives you precise unrestricted control of airflow for your airbrush right at your fingertips, allowing you to make real-time air adjustments while you're painting.

G-MAC.P set NOW available. Includes 1 G-MAC™ (adapter included to attach the G-MAC™ to your Paasche air hose with a quick connect coupler on the other end) and 1 quick connect plug that attaches to your Paasche airbrush.

Comes as a quick connect air coupler allowing you to easily switch between airbrushes to give every airbrush the ability to control airflow.

Attaches to the air inlet of your airbrush. This provides better balance compared to having the airflow control below the head of the airbrush. You also don't have to worry about accidentally moving the head of the airbrush while you're simultaneoulsy adjusting pressure and spraying.

Designed with a large dial to allow easy air pressure adjustments. This is particularly helpful when spraying and adjusting air pressures simultaneously.

Capable of achieving fine adjustments to give precise air flow control. Three full dial rotations to change from zero air flow to full air flow.

Ideal for stippling applications. Accurately control stippling size while you're painting real-time. With a simple turn of the dial, the G-MAC™ gives you the ability to produce course stippling effects to full atomization.

For fine lines and detailed work, use the G-MAC™ to precisely produce optimal airflow for infinite control of paint output.

Fully open the G-MAC™ to allow maximum air flow for wide background spraying and to quickly clean your airbrush during color changes.